Pipistrel draws Yikebike raffle winners

The big moment has finally arrived!
The YikeBike campaign is now finished and thanks to you we reached an amazing success! We received 27 orders for the various Pipistrel aircraft.

So just as we promised we drew two lucky winners.
You will remember that we promised that all customers who ordered an aircraft and paid the deposit payment between the 15th December 2013 and 25th January 2014 would receive a YikeBike.
If the number of orders reached 20, we promised to give TWO YikeBikes to one of the customers – and the same again plus a special surprise to another customer if the number of orders reached 25.

Here is a video of the raffle!

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Message from Slovenia

Message from Slovenia:

As you probably already heard from your country’s local media, Slovenia is a victim of the worst weather catastrophe in our recorded history.

In the last 10 days almost the entire country has been covered in ice. Sleet and icy rain covered pretty much everything with up to 10 cm (4 inches) of ice. The weight caused big devastation all over the country – up to 70% of country’s forests are damaged or totally destroyed and as much as half of all the inhabitants were without electricity for at least a couple of days. Many of the remote villages are still without power and inaccessible because of fallen trees which are blocking the roads. The weight of the ice damaged most of the electric network and a lot of other infrastructure. The railway network is completely paralyzed due to lack of power.

Due to these extreme weather conditions many of our suppliers and co-operators are without power or can’t work access their workshops because the roads are impassable. Many of the Pipistrel employees are also helping as voluntary firefighters or help with the clean-up and making the roads accessible again.

What is more – in the last three days the weather became warmer again all over the country so all the huge amounts of ice are thawing all at the same time. Since it’s also been raining very hard, the lower regions are already becoming flooded. In the upper regions there are many torrential rivers, carrying debris and causing the roads to become impassable again. The airport next to the Pipistrel factory is covered with about 10cm of water and thick mud, so we can’t even walk on it, let alone perform any test flights.

Due to all this some of the deliveries will unfortunately be late. The delay will be between 14 days and even up to a month. We ask for your patience and understanding. We hope this crazy weather normalises soon. Cross your fingers – the forecast for the next week is very bad, more rain is coming…

Please accept our apologies.
Kind regards,
Pipistrel Slovenia

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Order an aircraft and get a YikeBike!

Celebrate with us the 25th anniversary of Pipistrel! – *NEW* surprise is waiting for you…

The entry into our anniversary year will be marked with a special gift: Every customer who orders an aircraft in the festive time from 15th December 2013 to 25th January 2014 will receive the innovative electric bicycle YikeBike, which you can fold small enough to carry with you in the luggage compartment of the aircraft.

Read more here
See the 360 view


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How to care for your Lexan surfaces

  • It is most important o use very clean water without any cleaning solutions
  • Use a clean and very soft towel.and always keep the window cleaning towels always separate
  • Remove dust by pouring water over the Lexan and gliding your hand over to clean it
  • Soak bugs with plenty of water first to soften and then also clean first by hand
  • Ultimately dry the whole surface with a very soft towel or cloth
  • Polish the Lexan with a very soft cloth and Mr Min polish- this works perfect
  • Clean windows regularly en never wipe windows without rinsing them with clean water first
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How to react when confronted with typical flight hazards

Stall recovery:

  • Add full power ( throttle lever in full forward position).
  • Resume horizontal flight

Spin recovery:

Sinus ultralight motorglider is constructed in such manner that it is difficult to be flown into a spin. However, once spinning, intentionally or unintentionally, react as follows:

  • Set throttle to idle (lever in full back position)
  • Apply full rudder deflection in the direction opposite the spin
  • Lower the nose towards the ground to build speed ( stick forward )
  • As the aircraft stops spinning neutralize rudder deflection.
  • Slowly pull up and regain horizontal flight

Some ultralight motor gliders tends re-establish rightened flight by itself usually after having sinned for a mere 90*

Warning: Keep the control stick centred along its lateral axis (no aileron deflections throughout the recovery phase!)
Do not attempt to stop the aircraft from spinning using ailerons instead of rudder!!

Warning: After having stopped spinning, recovering from the dive must be performed using gentle stick movements (pull), rather than over-stressing the aircraft. However, VNE must not be exceeded during this manoeuvre.

When the aircraft is rightened and flies horizontally, add throttle and resume normal flight.

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We welcome Donald McGillivray and his son Jonathan

We welcome to Donald McGillivray and his son Jonathan of Afri-Coast Engineers to the Pipistrel South Africa family.

They recently became the proud owners of ZU-FXM and enjoy every moment they spend in this lovely aircraft

Please read in future newsletters about the services of Afri-Coast Engineers


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Pipistrel Panthera

Check out the all new Pipistrel Panthera. Available in South Africa from 2014!

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Welcome to the new Pipistrelsa.co.za website

We are in the process of updating and adding new content to the new website on a daily basis. Please check back regularly to see new information. Alternatively please email us.

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