Message from Slovenia

Message from Slovenia:

As you probably already heard from your country’s local media, Slovenia is a victim of the worst weather catastrophe in our recorded history.

In the last 10 days almost the entire country has been covered in ice. Sleet and icy rain covered pretty much everything with up to 10 cm (4 inches) of ice. The weight caused big devastation all over the country – up to 70% of country’s forests are damaged or totally destroyed and as much as half of all the inhabitants were without electricity for at least a couple of days. Many of the remote villages are still without power and inaccessible because of fallen trees which are blocking the roads. The weight of the ice damaged most of the electric network and a lot of other infrastructure. The railway network is completely paralyzed due to lack of power.

Due to these extreme weather conditions many of our suppliers and co-operators are without power or can’t work access their workshops because the roads are impassable. Many of the Pipistrel employees are also helping as voluntary firefighters or help with the clean-up and making the roads accessible again.

What is more – in the last three days the weather became warmer again all over the country so all the huge amounts of ice are thawing all at the same time. Since it’s also been raining very hard, the lower regions are already becoming flooded. In the upper regions there are many torrential rivers, carrying debris and causing the roads to become impassable again. The airport next to the Pipistrel factory is covered with about 10cm of water and thick mud, so we can’t even walk on it, let alone perform any test flights.

Due to all this some of the deliveries will unfortunately be late. The delay will be between 14 days and even up to a month. We ask for your patience and understanding. We hope this crazy weather normalises soon. Cross your fingers – the forecast for the next week is very bad, more rain is coming…

Please accept our apologies.
Kind regards,
Pipistrel Slovenia