How to react when confronted with typical flight hazards

Stall recovery:

  • Add full power ( throttle lever in full forward position).
  • Resume horizontal flight

Spin recovery:

Sinus ultralight motorglider is constructed in such manner that it is difficult to be flown into a spin. However, once spinning, intentionally or unintentionally, react as follows:

  • Set throttle to idle (lever in full back position)
  • Apply full rudder deflection in the direction opposite the spin
  • Lower the nose towards the ground to build speed ( stick forward )
  • As the aircraft stops spinning neutralize rudder deflection.
  • Slowly pull up and regain horizontal flight

Some ultralight motor gliders tends re-establish rightened flight by itself usually after having sinned for a mere 90*

Warning: Keep the control stick centred along its lateral axis (no aileron deflections throughout the recovery phase!)
Do not attempt to stop the aircraft from spinning using ailerons instead of rudder!!

Warning: After having stopped spinning, recovering from the dive must be performed using gentle stick movements (pull), rather than over-stressing the aircraft. However, VNE must not be exceeded during this manoeuvre.

When the aircraft is rightened and flies horizontally, add throttle and resume normal flight.