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Pipistrel SA is a small but dedicated team with a passion for light aircraft and glider flying. Our team is available to assist you through the specification process and the very important decision to purchase a Pipistrel aircraft.

We will understand your needs trough the process and delivery but most importantly we will also assist with the registration and ATF and then the continuing service of your aircraft.

You can be assured of our full attention at all times as you will become a proud owner of a Pipistrel airplane and a member of the Pipistrel South Africa family.

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The Pipistrel SA Team

Establishment & History of Pipistrel

1987 – Ivo Boscarol got the official licence from the authorities to produce small aircraft. He became the first Yugoslav private aircraft producer. (10. 11. 87). The name Pipistrel (a Latin word for a bird bat) appeared for the first time.
1992 – The company PIPISTREL d.o.o. was established on 18th november 1992 by Ivo Boscarol and Vida Lorbek who was the first manager.
1994 – The beginning of “Sinus” development. The wing & fuselage aerodynamics designer was Franco Orlando, other members of group were: Ing. Rado Kikelj, Pavel Potocnik, Bojan Sajovic and Ivo Boscarol.
1995 – First public presentation of “Sinus” at the AERO 95 of Friedrichaffen in Germany. The interest was incredible.
1996 – The prototype of motorglider “Sinus” started to fly.
1997 – The development of Virus – brother of Sinus – light 3-axis ultralight aircraft started.
1997 – Presentation of “Sinus” at the AERO 97 of Friedrichshaffen in Germany and flight presentation of “Sinus” at the air show of Bassano in Italy.
1998 – Kobus doen navorsing op die internet na alle moontlike opsies oor motorsweeftuie en kom op die website van Pipistrel af.
1999 – Virus started to fly.
1999 – Philippe Zen several times UL world champion, testing the Sinus remain so fascinated that he decided to be our dealer in France. The result was expected: 32 units sold in one year!
2000 – Serial production of Virus started.
2000 – Op hierdie staduim laai hy die Pipistrel screensaver- “Keep the dream alive ” af en bly droom dag en nag oor hierdie manjifieke vliegtuig.
2001 – Philippe Zen and Thomas Knowles flying on Sinus ultralight motorglider become world champions at World Air Games 2001 in Spain.
2001 – Development of a revolutionary 15-meter wingspan two-seater ultralight glider Taurus with L/D ratio 1:40 and a self-launching capability started.
2002 – Ivo Boscarol wins the ultralight single-seater (RAL-1) Slovene national championship 2002 flying the Virus.
2002 – Kobus en Hester besoek die ou fabriek in Adjovscina, Slovenia. Hier ontmoet ons die dinamiese en vriedelike Ivo en Marjana wat hulle passie vir vlieg en vliegtuie saam met hulle span uitleef. Na die eerste demostrasierit besef Kobus dat die Sinus presies is wat hy oor gedroom het.
2003 – Ivo Boscarol continues competition success and claims the Champion title at Slovene RAL-1 national championsip 2003 with the Virus.
2003 – Na ‘n paar jaar van droom word die droom bewaarheid toe die eerste Sinus en Virus in S.A arriveer. Eienaar Virus: Dave Clarke en die vliegtuig is in Johannesburg.
2003 – Ivo Marjana en die toets vlienier Tine Tomazic stel die vliegtuie bekend en doen die eerste toetsvlug. Doen toe ook die opleiding vir Johan Martin wat deur die CAA as die amptelike toetsvlieenier aangestel word. Martin Grumert doen ‘n “conversion” en is die amptelike instrukteur van die vliegtuig. Die promotorskap vir Pipistrel SA word deur Ivo aan Kobus aangebied.
2004 – Ivo Boscarol defend the Champion title at Slovene RAL-1 national championsip 2004 with the Virus.
2004 – Ultralight two-seater self launch glider Taurus test flights starts
2004 – Matevz Lenarcic made the record flight around the world with the Pipistrel Sinus 912

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