• Apis/Bee is a single-seat middle-wing ultralight self-launching glider with T-shaped tail. Featuring the same wing- and tail section aerodynamics as the Sinus and Taurus, you can be positive in Apis-Bee stellar gliding performance. In fact, Apis-Bee holds several World Records! Read more...

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Welcome to Pipistrel South Africa!

Pipistrel SA is a small but dedicated team with a passion for light aircraft and glider flying. Our team is available to assist you through the specification process and the very important decision to purchase a Pipistrel aircraft.

We will understand your needs trough the process and delivery but most importantly we will also assist with the registration and ATF and then the continuing service of your aircraft.

You can be assured of our full attention at all times as you will become a proud owner of a Pipistrel airplane and a member of the Pipistrel South Africa family.

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